We welcome those desperate to break addictive self-harming patterns associated with substance dependency, depression, PTSD, or even for those just looking for ways to change their lives. Sacred plant medicines can teach us how to heal ourselves, while some can even minimize the discomfort involved with breaking a chemical dependency.

We follow all of the most updated protocols regarding Ibogaine treatment, as well as with any other medicine we serve. Our staff members are all ACLS and BLS certified. During treatments we have a doctor present and treat patients only 10 minutes from an emergency room. Above that, we keep crash cart medications, a defibrillator, and IV access tools on site to ensure the safety of our clients. We do not take deposits. 


Many of us have been slaves to substances, or certain ways of thinking for a large part of our lives, disconnecting us from what really matters. The plants have a magical way of showing us how to reconnect ourselves to true joy and satisfaction. Recovery can be a harsh process, but it can be beautiful and life-changing learning how to love yourself again. With a little help and enough effort, anything is possible. That means being able to live a life of freedom and joy, knowing you have the power to make the right decisions from here on out.



My time at The Medicine is You was extremely beneficial and the perfect place for healing. My faciliator/mentors were absolutely amazing... very attentive, interactive, and a wealth of knowledge. We focused on daily meditations, physical activities, positive life skills and habits, all while integrating different forms of plant medicine into the program. The center is incredibly beautiful and peaceful and I will forever be grateful for my experience here.

J.B. - Phoenix, Arizona via Facebook